Quality policy

SANTYMAR, S.A. has more than thirty years of experience in the “Supply of naval effects. Design, manufacture and repair of fishing gear and trawl doors. As well as naval ironmongery works”. The experience and knowledge acquired during all these years make us one of the leading companies in this field.

We have two adjoining warehouses perfectly communicated with the Fishing Port of Vigo.

– Head office and redería located in Polígono Industrial A Pasaxe, 113, Vincios: in these premises we carry out the design, manufacture and repair of all types of fishing gear, as well as the manufacture of trawls, burlones, pressed slings, lanteones, etc. We also manage the supply of naval effects to our customers.- Boilermaking workshop in Polígono Industrial A Pasaxe, 112, Vincios: the main functions are the design, manufacture and repair of all types of trawl doors. We also highlight our technical assistance service for all types of fishing vessels, our oxycutting service and the design and manufacture of naval ironmongery.
Our mission is to establish a direct, personalised and continuous relationship with each of our customers in order to achieve their maximum satisfaction. In order to achieve this, we develop an efficient and tailor-made service, thus meeting their expectations.
We have defined this Quality Policy which is based on the following guidelines:
– The continuous improvement of our Quality Management processes.
– It provides a frame of reference for the establishment of the Quality Objectives.
– The commitment to meet the requirements applicable to SANTYMAR.

This Policy is appropriate to the purpose and context of our company. It is available to both internal and external stakeholders.

As of 24/04/23

The Management